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Suleymaniye Mosque


Story behind the painting

The artist is looking at the Süleymaniye Complex from an unusual angle. The drawing shows its back side with countless domes of mausoleums, a public bath and a kitchen, religious schools and a hospital. Walking down the hill, we will find old Vefa Bozacısı cafe, Şebsafa Hatun Mosque and fragments of the Valens Aqueduct embedded in the city.

Mediummarker, alcohol ink, paper
Typeoriginal drawing
Dimensions42.1 x 29.8 cm

About the Artist

Anna Saifulina

Anna Saifulina is a graphic artist from Ukraine. She has been living in Istanbul, Turkey since 2016.
Istanbul with its fascinating architecture and mix of cultures made a major contribution in the development of her original style. Anna combines fine lines and splashes of color, working mostly with alcohol inks and markers. She experiments with geometrical shapes creating optical illusions.
Anna meticulously explores different areas of Istanbul and captures them on paper. In her detailed drawings one can find Istanbul’s popular sights together with less-known architectural objects.