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Slide It all started with a dream, vision, and purpose for creating a special space combining the uniqueness and originality, With the charm of Istanbul, this magical and inspirational city to various artists, musicians, and creative people around the world, who find it fascinating how the west and east are embroidered so naturally into one epic city! And because we are sharing one world! With different languages and cultures, we believe that we can share our thoughts and creativity in one place, speaking one language, which is the language of Creativity! And we had chosen Culter to be this place, providing an extraordinary experience and atmosphere for all creativity, Media, and Arts holic.

Studio Spaces for storytellers created by directors and filmmakers to deliver a creative atmosphere that suits all your needs and bring your imagination into reality. Indoor studios with full capabilities of set design for in studio productions (programs,social media and drama) Whilst we have great facilities, both onsite and locally, to support your shoot; our studio managers will take time to help you to optimize your booking period. We know that time is money in this industry. VISIT WEBSITE Factory Creativity is our passion, with culter factory we take you steps forward to your dreams
We try to cover all your needs and your satisfaction is our priority.
Developing your business has never been easier like it is now with Culter Factory service, Providing all the services you need starting from Branding and Re-branding your business to the Production part including ( Storyboard ,Commercial Shooting ,Video editing, Color Grading, And Motion graphic videos), so join us now and live for what you create with Culter! VISIT WEBSITE
Events Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless, so live the experiences like none other now with Culter, our home for spectacular events that showcase art, history, entertainment, music, and culture from around the corner and around the world! Check out the events calendar to plan your visit. VISIT WEBSITE Projects Because ideas can change the world! We believe in the power of making it come true, and because most of the ideas are born and lost in isolation. we are building a full network for you, providing a creative projects with a unique and different style starting from the programs, theater, digital and artistic media production, like Culter tube, Culter Radio, online training programs, 360 trainers and virtual reality facilities. VISIT WEBSITE
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Conception Work Inspire Create In the modern world, most of the time, we spend our time at work. And it is very important to surround yourself with the right things and people, so as not to immerse yourself in the routine and always have the opportunity for development. Design Work Inspire Create Its very priceless in our day to find and meet good and interesting people, especially in one place. Communication and meeting new people of different professions allows you to think more widely and be more productive.
Consulting Work Inspire Create Knowing all the basic aspects of the modern world in the field of business and creativity, we have united the most talented people under one roof. Filmmaking, video production, sound production, branding and more others.
Redefine your creativity with us now.

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